“The Deacci Vintage IIIs have totally transformed my LP with crisp and bright bridge tones and a beautifully warm neck.” – Mickey Murphy, December 2016

MICKEY MURPHY is a contemporary finger style guitarist and composer from County Down, N. Ireland. He has released two solo instrumental albums ‘Turais’ in 2011 and his second Album  ‘Heartstrings’,  which was produced by the legendary Tom Newman.

Mickey regularly plays at clubs and festivals in his native Ireland and continues to play and teach guitar in workshops and boot camps across Europe. While better known for his acoustic guitar playing, Mickey can equally apply his talents to the electric, so it was a pleasure to wind a new set of pickups for him.


Mickey’s Gibson Les Paul Classic was made in 1990 as a 30th anniversary of the 1960 model. It had a set of relatively high output stock pickups and Mickey wanted a change to something more typical of a vintage Gibson, but with enough output to put it at the higher end of what you might expect from an original PAF.

The Vintage III fits that bill. Period correct Plain Enamel magnet wire, Alnico 5 magnets, butyrate bobbins and nickel covers are all part of the formula for this pickup set.