• Pre-Wired Pickguards compatible with all USA and Mexican Fender Standard guitars fully loaded with your choice of Deacci HSS pickups (pickups sold separately) HSS Standard pre-wired pickguard is available in 11 hole version.
    • Black 3-ply (Bk/Wh/Bk)
    • White 3-ply (Wh/Bk/Wh)
    • Mint green3-ply
    • Vintage white 3-ply
    • White pearl 3-ply
    • Red pearl 3-ply
    • Black Pearl 3-ply
    • Tortoiseshell 3-ply
    We use CTS pots,  CRL or Oak Grigsby 5 way switch and Mallory 150 Caps. A number of wiring schemes are offered on this page however if you require something more specific or need some help choosing a wiring scheme for you please let us know. The Suhr wiring scheme includes a superswitch, 500k Volume pot and ensures that in position 2 your bridge single coil sees a 250k pot for that authentic position 2 strat sound.  
  • Classic Telecaster pickups with clarity and depth Teletone C

    The C is for Classic or Country, with a 7.8k bridge and a 6.2k neck these are our classic tele pickups. They have all the tele Twang you could want and have the usual dynamics and touch sensitivity you can find in all our pickups. If you want an upgrade from your stock pickups with similar output to the old classics, but much more lush sounding this is the set you need
  • Upgrade your Tele Tone with Vintage Hot Teletone X

    The hot vintage is a classic Telecaster pickup set that is slightly overwound to provide some extra bite. A Teletone X set is best suited to country styles and players who want a little more drive to the front of your amp, but not enough to sacrifice any of that typical telecaster Twang. They still have enough output to make this a set rock and blues players will also enjoy.
  • TeleTone Z – Hot Telecaster


    Upgrade your Tele Tone with Vintage Hot+ Teletone Z

    This hot vintage set takes the output of the Teletone X a stage further.  A Teletone Z can still play country with the volume rolled back, but it will also take you into hard rock territory with an incredibly punchy bridge position and a smooth but balanced neck. If you like using your guitar volume to control the drive this is probably our most versatile traditional Telecaster set. Codenamed "The Beast" and then the Telepunk during its development, with the Teletone Z we decided to see exactly how much vintage-spec plain enamel magnet wire we could get onto the pickup without losing the telecaster twang and this is what we came up with. An open neck cover is the only option on this set, with this amount of punch we need to let all the highs out and the open cover helps this, it also looks pretty nice too.
  • Mobster Super Hot Telecaster


    Upgrade your Tele Tone with Vintage Hot+ Teletone Mobster

    No Longer in the territory of vintage, the Teletone Mobster takes Alnico 5 single coils to the absolute max. Developed with Dublin guitarist Mal O'Brien, the Mobster's push the limits of what is possible with a set of Telecaster single coils. Like the Teletone Z, an open neck cover is the only option on this set, with this amount of punch we need to let all the highs out and the open cover helps this , it also looks pretty nice too.. This set is a great rock set of pickups but you would be surprised at what a telecaster can do, have a look at Mals demo video below to hear the Mobsters in action
  • J-Bass (Bridge & Neck)

    Our vintage specification Jazz Base coils are wound as a direct drop-in replacement to your modern Jazz Base guitar.  Using Alnico V and heavy gauge Formvar wire, as per the originals, and scatter wound to produce a clear, bright, full tone.  Our J-Bass pickups are wax-potted and wired with vintage cloth wire.
  • Our Precision Base spilt coils are wound to match the vintage specifications of the late 50s Fender Precision pickups.  Our winding process allows us to recreate these tones.   Using 42AWG plain enamel wire and Alnico V magnets our P-Bass pickups are wound to 11K and provide a full punchy harmonically-rich tone, true to the originals.  We wax pot both coils to avoid microphonic feedback and connect with vintage cloth hook up wire.
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