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  • This is the smallest 1/4" soldered connector on the market. It is 20% smaller than the Switchcraft 228 and projects by only 8.3mm Ultra low profile connector [measures only 8.3mm / 0.326" x 17mm / 0.67" x 28mm / 1.10"] for highest packing density 2 solder tabs for quick and easy soldering/desoldering Designed to snug fit cables between 4 and 4.5mm in dia. (SP400) All metal construction (matte nickel plating finish)
  • This is the smallest 1/4" mono Straight soldered connector on the market. 1/4”/6.35mm plug with strain relief 13mm [body diameter] x 21mm [body length] Ultra low profile connector for highest packing density Designed to snug fit cables between 4 and 4.8mm in diameter All metal construction (matte nickel plating finish)
  • Van Damme Pro Grade XKE unbalanced pro-patch cable is a reduced overall diameter version of the Classic XKE instrument cable also for unbalanced audio use. It is particularly suited to connectors such as mono mini jacks such as the SP400 and SPS4 connectors. With a small diameter and one of the lowest low capacitance per meter, this cable is not only easy to work with, it will ensure all of your tone is heard. Priced by the meter and sold in running meters, this cable provides a very snug fit when paired with our SP400 and SPS4 Squareplug connectors
  • L.A. Studio H (neck & bridge)

    Our L.A. Studio humbucker set is a nod to the tones associated with numerous great albums recorded in the 70s, in Los Angeles.  The 335 famously used by Larry Carlton was used extensively by him in no small part due to its versatility.  We voiced this set with a slightly different neck to bridge calibration than a 'normal' set of PAFs.  Favouring a slightly hotter bridge paired with a low output PAF style neck, hollowbody guitars equipped with this set will cover everything from clear smooth Jazz to all-out Rock. The inspiration for designing this set came from the release of Sire's signature Larry Carlton H7.
  • Vintage ZERO (neck & bridge)

    This is the brightest clearest sounding set of PAF style humbuckers we make. They are low output but within the range of output seen in original PAFs. While they are great for all use, they sound divine played on higher gain settings. Lots of clear headroom will let you crank your amp without distortion.
  • Vintage ONE (neck & bridge)

    These are bright and articulate PAF style pickups with medium output. They are very similar to the Zero’s with the volume rolled back a little and have enough output to get those classic blues and rock tones associated with the best PAF’s from the 50’s.
  • Vintage TWO (neck & bridge)

    With a little more output than our Vintage Ones, we paired the bridge with the slightly stronger A5 magnet. This helps to retain as much of the high end as possible.  We wanted to build a hotter but different flavour of PAF style tone. This set has a more noticeable difference between the neck and bridge pickups.
  • Vintage THREE (neck & bridge)

    Ascending to a higher output PAF style the Threes can get you to more of a hard rock sound. This is basically the most output we can extract from a vintage correct PAF style pickup with 42 AWG magnet wire. We fill the bobbins with wire using a winding pattern that provides a Smooth PAF tone but with clarity and definition still intact. It will hit your amp harder and help you get those searing lead tones and power chords.
  • GreenFaze (neck & bridge)

    He has the sweetest tone I ever heard; he was the only one who gave me the cold sweats” – BB King on Peter Green. Deacci Greenfaze humbuckers are our take on the pickups which produced the Out of Phase sound from Peter Green’s famous Les Paul. The distinctive sound in the middle position was achieved in part by what was probably an accidental reverse winding of the neck with formvar magnet wire. Deacci GreenFaze have an articulate PAF style bridge position and a neck that is reverse wound with heavy build 42 AWG magnet wire to provide an authentic tribute to Peter Green’s iconic tone, with that sweet bright neck tone and the now infamous out of phase middle position.
  • FeanFaze (neck & bridge)

    Deacci Feanfaze were developed in collaboration with Johnny Fean.  Like the Greenfaze set, this set has an articulate PAF style bridge position and a neck that is reverse wound with heavy build 42 AWG magnet wire. Johnny wanted a second set of out of phase pickups for his guitar so we wound a set that was a little more powerful than the Greenfaze set while still providing an authentic tribute to Peter Green’s iconic tone.
    the Feanfazes are a little bit more powerful, and have a bit more aggression/push in the midrange (especially the Bridge pickup) and also  possibly a bit more top end on both pickups. - Johnny Fean
  • Hofmond

    On a constant journey to be inspired by tone, our Hofmond pickups are the result of exploring an alternative view on what was capable from a single coil pickup. Taking inspiration from a 60 year old Hoffner pickup and the De'Armond humbuckers of the 1960’s and 70’s - the Hofmond is a unique pickup full of tonal variety. Exceptionally clear and incredibly dynamic we feel it provides a new platform for guitar playing. Check out the video below to hear them in action. Sometimes being single is all you need Please note that each Hofmond set is specifically tuned to customers exact requirements. When you order a set of Hofmonds we will be in touch to agree a specification based on those requirements  
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