We are delighted that Ragh Guitar are using Deacci Pickups in their guitars, we are also just as pleased to say that Grant MacKay (owner of Ragh Guitar)  is the kind of guy who will listen to advice and then tell you to “£$$£”£”$ off and wind them the way he wanted anyway !…. On this occasion, I am glad he did as he found some unlikely tonal combinations with this set.  Grants feedback below after he fitted one of our  Vintage II bridge PAF style humbuckers combined with a Fat Juicy P90 neck……


Wiring scheme- 2 volume,1 tone Jimi Page

I’m working on a signature series of guitars and wanted something a bit different tone wise to what’s already out there. I had it in my mind to do some sort of phase switching/coil tapping as standard, and I really wanted a p90 in the mix. Declan gave me some awesome advice after much swearing and chatting and got to work.

A few days later 2 sets of pickups arrived for testing. Declan had wound matching sets, 2 x Pure Vintage 2 humbuckers and 2 Fat Juicy p90’s, one slightly hotter.  I wired them straight into the guitar, with 2 volume push pull knobs, and one tone push pull.

Starting on the p90, I was grabbed by the power of it, I immediately became my favourite pickup. It sings in your ears and as a guitar builder that means a lot. The pickups that go into my work can make or break it, and after 100-200 hours work on a guitar, it’s got to be right. So the Fat Juicy p90 instantly became the heart of my signature series, and I will be recommending it for custom builds. It’s hard to describe the sound, almost like a very clean humbucker, but with a much more vivid growl. When I play the guitar now, a good percentage of that time it’s only the p90 selected.

Then onto the bridge- again, simply the best humbucker I’ve ever heard in the bridge. I set the bridge pickup close to the actual bridge on my own guitars for maximum “twang”, and the Pure vintage voices it beautifully. I had my father in law round for a listen (guitarist of 50 odd years/guitar geek/ex pro guitarist) and the first thing he said was- “vintage tele”. Incredibly pleasing sound.

Here is where the magic really began to happen- both pickups together. Just wow. The growl and power of the p90 clashes into the twang of the humbucker and assaults your ears in the nicest possible way. It is EXACTLY the sound I had envisaged. It coped with every amp setting I threw at it, even dialing back the tone to 4/5 to muddy it a little. Just superb

Surprise! Coil Tap
I had a long conversation with Declan regarding coil tapping. I have it in a few guitars and he’s not a big fan of it, I must admit that after the conversation I tended to agree. It can be a weak, piddly sound, even on the best pickups due to the output loss. But I need my guitars to have a lot of options to appeal to potential customers, so I decided to stick with it.

Anyway, tapped, and selected on its own, the humbucker does sound pleasing, but it’s really not loud enough. All subjective of course! Select the middle position and BAM! You’ve got full p90 brilliantness, with a supporting, half output, almost single coil like humbucker. It’s a dream! The split humbucker pulls the P90 down a bit, mellows the sound slightly and smooth’s the whole thing out. You can only just tell it’s there, but quite honestly it’s an absolute dream of a sound!

Reverse Phase
So, pull that second volume knob up and we’ve got reverse phase. This gets rid of any bass and gives a much more tinny, but cool as hell sound. In the hands of a good guitarist, this could be awesome. It’s even more interesting with the p90/HB combo. It’s one to play about with

In series
Pull the Neck volume up and we’re in series. This kinda puts the pickups on steroids, it’s like having onboard gain. Great for a bit of rockin, and again mixes the pickup tones well. Another great sound. There are combos of all that together in this wiring scheme which I couldn’t even tell you the name of too!
Really this just illustrates what you can do with great pickups. If you look at my website, I’ve added Deacci as my custom build partner, I want to underline the fact that Declan has never requested I do any of this. It’ all off my own back, as I’ll support any product as good as Deacci pickups. I put a lot of myself into my guitars, it’s a really personal thing, and genuinely pans out at around £2-3 per hour wage wise. So it’s a passion, believe me. Therefore only the best components are installed. If you need pickups, speak to Deacci. Simple. As. That