Vintage TWO (neck & bridge)


With a little more output than our Vintage Ones, we paired the bridge with the slightly stronger A5 magnet. This helps to retain as much of the high end as possible.  We wanted to build a hotter but different flavour of PAF style tone. This set has a more noticeable difference between the neck and bridge pickups.

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Pickups are supplied uncovered or covers are available in Nickel,  Chrome, Unplated and Gold.  For Aged Nickel please contact us through our Custom Shop.

All Vintage-Twos are constructed using Alnico 5 (Bridge) and Alnico 2 (Neck) magnets

Wax Potted:

Mounting & Pole piece Screws:
All humbuckers provided with nickel plated mounting screws and springs, or gold plated mounting screws/pole screws and springs where gold cover option is selected.

  • Bridge Inductance: 4.37H
  • Neck Inductance: 3.82H
  • Bridge Resistance: 8.06k ohm
  • Neck Resistance: 7.30k ohm

Additional information

Weight0.49 kg
Dimensions14 × 10 × 4 cm

Humbucker Bridge, Humbucker Neck, Set


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