TeleTone Z – Hot Telecaster


Upgrade your Tele Tone with Vintage Hot+
Teletone Z

This hot vintage set takes the output of the Teletone X a stage further.  A Teletone Z can still play country with the volume rolled back, but it will also take you into hard rock territory with an incredibly punchy bridge position and a smooth but balanced neck. If you like using your guitar volume to control the drive this is probably our most versatile traditional Telecaster set .

Codenamed “The Beast” and then the Telepunk during its development, with the Teletone Z we decided to see exactly how much vintage spec plain enamel magnet wire we could get onto the pickup without loosing the telecaster twang and this is what we came up with.

An open neck cover is the only option on this set, with this amount of punch we need to let all the highs out and the open cover helps this , it also looks pretty nice too.

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All Telecaster neck Coils come with Covers in Chrome, Nickel or Gold, both open and closed. We recommend open covered necks if you want to increase the treble response if your neck position . Tele Bridges are bound with white twine.

Magnets:  Alnico V magnets
Wax Potted:
Mounting & Pole piece Screws: Provided with nickel plated mounting screws and springs or Fender style tubing.
  • Bridge Inductance:
  • Neck Inductance:
  • Bridge Resistance: 10.2k ohm
  • Neck Resistance: 8.5k ohm
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