TeleTone C – Classic Telecaster


Classic Telecaster pickups with clarity and depth
Teletone C

The C is for Classic or Country, with a 7.8k bridge and a 6.2k neck these are our classic tele pickups. They have all the tele Twang you could want and have the usual dynamics and touch sensitivity you can find in all our pickups. If you want an upgrade from your stock pickups with similar output to the old classics, but much more lush sounding this is the set you need

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ll Telecaster neck Coils come with Covers in Chrome, Nickel or Gold, both open and closed. We recommend open covered necks if you want to increase the treble response if your neck position . Tele Bridges are bound with white twine.

Magnets:  Alnico V magnets
Wax Potted:
Mounting & Pole piece Screws: Provided with nickel plated mounting screws and springs or Fender style tubing.
  • Bridge Inductance:
  • Neck Inductance:
  • Bridge Resistance: 7.8k ohm
  • Neck Resistance: 6.2k ohm
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