ST-63 (Alnico V) SSS


Our Vintage range of Strat single coils are wound to re-create the tones of the 50s and 60s for your Stratocaster style guitar. The ST-56 set is wound as per the originals, with Formvar magnet wire and Alnico II Magnets. The ST-63 set is wound with Plain Enamel and Alnico V magnets. This change marked the tail end of the hand wound era for production pickups at Fender. 

The ST 56 set is warmer due to the weaker Alnico II magnets while the 63 is a brighter and slightly hotter pickup set.

If you are a purist, these are most likely the two sets you should to consider from the Deacci range. Old Fender pickups have a wide variation in their specifications,  so we can also help you create a specific set for needs by modifying any of our formulas to suit your end goal.


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Cover:  All Strat Single Coils come with Covers in White, Parchment, Aged White, Cream, Green or Black covers.

Magnets:  Alnico V Wax Potted: Yes. Mounting & Pole piece Screws: Provided with nickel plated mounting screws and springs or Fender style tubing.

  • Bridge Inductance: 1.9H
  • Middle Inductance 1.7H
  • Neck Inductance: 1.7H
  • Bridge Resistance: 6.1k ohm
  • Middle Resistance 5.9k ohm
  • Neck Resistance: 5.9k ohm

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Weight0.45 kg
Dimensions14 × 10 × 4 cm

Set, Single Bridge, Single Middle, Single Neck

Cover (Singles)

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