L.A. Studio H (neck & bridge)


Our L.A. Studio humbucker set is a nod to the tones associated with numerous great albums recorded in the 70s, in Los Angeles.  The 335 famously used by Larry Carlton was used extensively by him in no small part due to its versatility.  We voiced this set with a slightly different neck to bridge calibration than a ‘normal’ set of PAFs.  Favouring a slightly hotter bridge paired with a low output PAF style neck, hollowbody guitars equipped with this set will cover everything from clear smooth Jazz to all-out Rock.

The inspiration for designing this set came from the release of Sire’s signature Larry Carlton H7.

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Pickups are supplied uncovered or covers are available in Nickel,  Chrome, Unplated and Gold.  For Aged Nickel please contact us through our Custom Shop.

Vintage Braid.

Wax Potted:

Mounting & Pole piece Screws:
All humbuckers provided with nickel plated mounting screws and springs, or gold plated mounting screws/pole screws and springs where gold cover option is selected.

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Weight0.49 kg
Dimensions14 × 10 × 4 cm

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