Hofmond HSS


An alternative HSS  arrangement for the player who wants to try a different type of single coil in the bridge 

On a constant journey to be inspired by tone, our Hofmond pickups are the result of exploring an alternative view on what was capable from a single coil pickup. Taking inspiration from a 60-year-old Hoffner pickup and the De’Armond humbuckers of the 1960s and 70’s – the Hofmond is a unique pickup full of tonal variety. Exceptionally clear and incredibly dynamic we feel it provides a new platform for guitar playing.

Video sample of a Hofmond in the bridge position of a HSS Stratocaster is coming soon…

…………Sometimes being single is all you need

Please note that each Hofmond set is specifically tuned to customers exact requirements. When you order a set of Hofmonds we will be in touch to agree a specification based on those requirements.

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All pickups are supplied with either White, Parchment, Aged White, Cream or Black covers for the single coils and Nickel or Aged Nickel for the Humbucker.

Traditional flatwork bobbins are assembled by hand and dipped in nitrocellulose lacquer to provide a permanent seal and rigidity for winding. Formvar heavy build magnet wire on neck and middle with a Plain Enamel wound F Spaced bridge

Lead Options:
All Single coils are wired with traditional black & white cloth covered leadwires

Magnets: Magnets are chosen to specific user requirements. Once order has been placed we will be in touch

Wax Potted: Yes.

Mounting & Pole piece Screws:
All pickups are supplied with mounting screws and springs or tubing.

    Hofmond – Vintage

    •Bridge Resistance: 6.4k ohm

    •Mid Resistance: 5.9k ohm

    •Neck Resistance: 5.8k ohm

    Hofmond -Vintage  Hot

    •Bridge Resistance: 7.4k ohm

    •Mid Resistance: 6.56k ohm

    •Neck Resistance: 6.49k ohm

Additional information

Cover (Hofmond)

Gold Foil type 1, Gold Foil type 2, Gold Foil type 3, Nickel

Cover (Singles)

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