Fat Juicy III (neck & bridge)

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Fat Juicy is our take on the classic P90 style single coil. Available in both Soapbar and Dog Ear configuration with vintage braid lead wire and a choice of black or cream covers. For a fat juicy sound with traditional P90  cutting punch available in three levels of output to suit any style from the softer brighter tones of the FJ I through to the growl of the FJ III.

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Pricing for a calibrated pair of Pickups or individual Pickups.

All p90 pickups are supplied with either black or cream covers in soapbar or dog ear format.

Bobbin Options:
All bobbins are butyrate 49.2 mm pole spacing.

Lead Options:
All P90s are wired with vintage braid lead wires as standard, black 4 wire is available on request.

All Fat Juicy IIIs are constructed using Alnico 8 magnets

Wax Potted:

Mounting & Pole piece Screws:
All P90s provided with nickel plated mounting screws and springs.

  • Bridge Inductance: 7.8H
  • Neck Inductance: 7.1H
  • Bridge Resistance: 9.1k ohm
  • Neck Resistance: 8.5k ohm
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