Blackhat – Vintage Hot Stratocaster Single Coils


The perfect balance for any Rock guitarist
who wants a Vintage Hot, touch sensitive, snarly bridge that is still all strat single coil.

Blackhat single coils are for the player who wants more output from their strat in general, and a fatter sounding bridge position than classic old Fender pickups can provide.

Many of the worlds greatest strat players have modified their guitars and upgraded their pickups. So with the input from a number of local and indeed far off great guitarists we decided to do the same.   For the Blackhats, the aim was to maintain the bridge as a single coil and bring it to the limit of what is achievable in terms of output with Vintage correct wire.

Blackhat sets are wound with heavy vintage spec wire in the neck and middle positions, and 42 gauge Plain Enamel in the bridge , so you retain everything you like about the tones of a hot traditionally wound neck and middle, albeit with more output and punch. With a PE wound bridge this position will now have significantly more output, punch and bass, all while retaining a traditional single coil tone and clarity.

If you usually resort to a humbucker in the bridge these might change your mind !

We currently have two variants of this recipe, Blackhat I’s and II’s with increasing output

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All pickups are supplied with either White, Parchment, Cream or Black covers.

Traditional flatwork bobbins are assembled by hand and dipped in nitrocellulose lacquer to provide a permanent seal and rigidity for winding. Formvar heavy build magnet wire on neck and middle with a Plain Enamel wound bridge

Lead Options:
All Single coils are wired with traditional black & white cloth covered leadwires

Magnets: Alnico V rod magnets

Wax Potted: Yes.

Mounting & Pole piece Screws:
All single coils are supplied with mounting screws and springs or tubing.

    Blackhat I

    •Bridge Resistance: 6.85k ohm

    •Mid Resistance: 6.56k ohm

    •Neck Resistance: 6.49k ohm

    Blackhat II

    •Bridge Resistance: 7.95k ohm

    •Mid Resistance: 7.14k ohm

    •Neck Resistance: 7.05k ohm


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