Why Choose Deacci?

dsc01083cDeacci Guitar pickups combine what were previously incompatible goals, that of uncompromising tone, and reasonable cost. We do this by winding pickups with a proprietary coil winding system. This allows us to produce pickup coils quickly and with consistent  quality. We use  vintage correct components, or better where these have a positive impact on tone, and we can custom wind to your  specification just as  easily as we can wind one of our proven recipes.

Experience a set of Deacci pickups for yourself  and you will find Extraordinary tone, at ordinary prices !

Your tone is our passion! so if you need some reassurance, we back all our guitar pickups with a 90 day no quibble money back  guarantee,  so  you can put them in your guitar for 90 days and if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, send them back for a  complete refund, including your original shipping cost.

If you need some help finding your perfect pickups just drop me a message and I will personally help guide you.

Declan Larkin    

+44 7799 417775

 [email protected]


What Our Customers Say

“…the louder I play, the better the pickups sound. They retain a very complex, thick and clear sound even under very high gain settings, and the clean sounds are stellar…”
Steven, USA

Hi Declan,

Well, where to begin. Like an old lady with a new set of false teeth I hemmed and hawed about making the change and in fact planned and set out to do so on several occasions before I finally took the plunge. As you say the Screamin 82 pickups are nice but it turns out your pickups are absolutely sublime. The clarity and articulation that I liked in the 82’s are still there in your pickups without the booming base and tendency to a little  harshness that come with the 82’s. The blend and mix between the pickups is perfect with the bridge pickup having that little extra kick, without sacrificing the sweetness and fullness of tone. To my way of thinking these are the finest pickups I have ever played and I hope that the success and plaudits you richly deserve come your way .  

Greg, USA
“I’m still enjoying the Pure Vintage One pickups in my Les Paul, they’ve made a whole new guitar of it!”
Colin, UK
“…a seasoned professional with over 30 years of playing actually said that your PV One is one of the best humbuckers he has ever heard!”
Sherman, USA
“Holy effin’ crapology they’re bloody good! …even with more drive they still maintain the clarity of every string incredibly well.”


“the Zero’s have a pervasive warmth that is very pleasant and charming… it’s almost like a blanket that wraps around the notes.”
Terry, CA
“What can I say – just brilliant… clarity and sound like liquid glass!”
Neil W.
“I’m very happy with these pickups, they are definitely the best humbuckers I’ve ever laid my hands on”
Steven, UK
“I am REALLY pleased with the first impression these pickups left…I have rarely come across such a complete package in one pickup.”
Ole, Norway