Every once in a while you simply have your socks blown off, and when I logged in to Facebook one morning and saw this video posted by Neil McCarthy, this was most definitely another of those times. Up until that point, Neil was a series of lines of text in a Facebook Instant message. We discussed at some length the kind of styles and levels of output he wanted from his pickups and ended up with this set.

We did lots of testing with a number of local and not so local guitarists who very kindly agreed to be guinea pigs for the initial run of these pickups. However, this video is most definitely the one that crystallized the exact combination of pickups to use when balancing this particular HSS set.

So a huge thanks to Neil McCarthy for sharing the video with us. On this occasion, I am very happy to let the pickups take a back seat to some fantastic guitarmanship. We are honoured to have you playing our pickups Neil

If you want to try this particular set, it is available in the Shop under the Blackhats, simply select “Variant II”, and Configuration “HSS”.Or alternatively, feel free to look me up on Facebook, via email or our contact page and we can go through your individual needs, as quite often following a discussion a customer’s requirements may well mean that their set needs to be a little different from what is available on the website.

But for now, I hope you enjoy Neil’s video

Declan Larkin

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