Deacci pickups are wound on a precision CNC winder using our own winding algorithm, and assembled and tested in our workshop in Ireland. We hope you enjoy the following photo descriptions of building a Vintage II humbucker.

First, each bobbin is loaded in turn onto our winder, and the correct winding script is selected and ran.

Each bobbin has its own individual winding script, and winding patterns embedded within the scripts derive their distribution from a mathematical sequence known as “Fibonacci sequence”  We also use a precision electronic tensioner which controls and maintains tension of the magnet wire to 1/10th of a gram for consistently high quality pickups 

DSC00740a DSC00741a

tensioner3 DSC00744a

Once the wind is completed the bobbin is removed, checked and taped. Then the magnet wire is prepared and soldered to the short pigtail wires which will connect the bobbin to the main lead wire, which in this example is Vintage braid.

DSC00753a DSC00754a

DSC00758a DSC00755a

After a second taping is complete to keep the pigtail wires in place, the two end Pole screws are attached to hold the keeper bar in place & slugs are also inserted.

Our slugs and keeper bars custom made to a specification of very low carbon steel and Pure Iron. The improved magnetic properties of low carbon steel & Pure Iron contribute in no small part to the final tone of our pickups.

DSC00762a DSC00763a

DSC00765a DSC00767a

Slugs are a pretty tight fit so a modified CAT 5 crimp tool is used to set them in their final position before the pigtail wires are soldered in place. The bobbin start wires are the hot and earth wires of the pickup. The hot wire is wrapped in cloth tape insulation and then covered in heat shrink, while the earth wire is soldered to the baseplate

DSC00771a DSC00778a

DSC00780a DSC00784a

The bobbins, magnet and maple spacer can then be assembled to the baseplate. Pole screws are a tight fit through the baseplate so only the end screws are used to help guide the bobbin to its seat while the baseplate screws are tightened to hold the assembly in place.

DSC00785a DSC00787a

DSC00788a DSC00789a

The remaining Pole Screws are then inserted, and bobbin pigtail finish wires are soldered together, before final check and testing.

DSC00790a DSC00791a

DSC00794a DSC00796a