A huge thank you to Celtic Rock Guitar Legend Mr Johnny Fean for what ended up as a mini-review of our GreenFaze humbuckers. It was a fingers-crossed moment for us as Johnny has played the original 1959 Peter Green Les Paul on more than one occasion when it belonged to Gary Moore.

We are pleased to say that Johnny wanted to hear more and a set of Vintage Ones are soon to be installed in another of Johnny’s Les Pauls. In the meantime, I thought let’s just leave Johnny’s email as it was sent….

From : Johnny Fean
To : Declan Larkin
Subject : Deacci Pickups
Date : 22 Jan 2015, at 17:42

Hi Declan….

I have some good news!

I installed the GreenFaze pickups into my Goldtop and everything went according to plan, I plugged the Goldtop into my line 6 30 watt 1×12″combo to give them a good test at a reasonable volume (at home)….

I’m delighted to say the GreenFaze pickups sound excellent!! There is a lovely musical clarity to them when played on a fairly clean amp setting, and also some nice headroom. When pushed with some amp overdrive they really come alive! and they have all of the great classic PAF sounds that the original PAF’s have. There is a really good kick to the bridge pickup when pushed and both pickups respond nicely to the touch and volume changes. I installed the neck pickup back to front (P.Green style) and it has a nice clarity and sweetness both in clean and overdrive settings….

Last and by no means least, the out of phase P.Green sound is fantastic! The GreenFaze pickups nail that sound beautifully! There are some lovely variations and nuances when working with both volume knobs and the transparency and that sweet choking/nasal sound is there in spades!!

Bearing in mind I tested out the GreenFaze pickups through a non-valve line 6 combo, I have to say they sound excellent!.. and they capture that true PAF sound both in normal and out of phase settings. The goldtop is sounding fantastic!


Best regards for now,