Ariel Posen – ST56 Strat Single Coils

Ariel is best known as one of a guitar duo that make up Brothers Landreth.  Along with Joey Landreth, David Landreth and Ryan Voth, the band won a Juno award in 2015 for their album Let It Lie. Ariel is currently based in Co Cork, Ireland, so we managed to catch up with him and see if he [...]

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Vintage III Humbuckers with Mickey Murphy

"The Deacci Vintage IIIs have totally transformed my LP with crisp and bright bridge tones and a beautifully warm neck." - Mickey Murphy, December 2016 MICKEY MURPHY is a contemporary finger style guitarist and composer from County Down, N. Ireland. He has released two solo instrumental albums 'Turais' in 2011 and his second Album  'Heartstrings',  which was produced [...]

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Blackhat I Stratocaster pickups with Kieran Smith

A massive thanks to Kieran Smith for a brilliant rootsy blues playing with our vintage hot set of strat pickups. Also a very special thanks to Dave Molloy for his recording wizardry, and the most fantastic setting for recording our Blackhats. Blackhat single coils are for the player who wants more output from their strat in [...]

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Vintage Zeros in a Gibson 335 with James Mulvaney

Irish session guitarist James Mulvaney needed little introduction, so when he asked us which set of pickups we recommended for his Gibson 335 guitar, the answer on this occasion was simple. Vintage Zeros. On occasion, we will recommend the marginally hotter Vintage Ones, but the goto set for an almost guaranteed win in a 335 [...]

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Blackhat II HSS Strat set demo with Neil McCarthy

Every once in a while you simply have your socks blown off, and when I logged in to Facebook one morning and saw this video posted by Neil McCarthy, this was most definitely another of those times. Up until that point, Neil was a series of lines of text in a Facebook Instant message. We [...]

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Ragh Guitar – Deacci Custom Vintage PAF style Humbucker & P90 combo Set

We are delighted that Ragh Guitar are using Deacci Pickups in their guitars, we are also just as pleased to say that Grant MacKay (owner of Ragh Guitar)  is the kind of guy who will listen to advice and then tell you to "£$$£"£"$ off and wind them the way he wanted anyway !.... On [...]

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Making a Deacci Humbucker

Deacci pickups are wound on a precision CNC winder using our own winding algorithm, and assembled and tested in our workshop in Ireland. We hope you enjoy the following photo descriptions of building a Vintage II humbucker. First, each bobbin is loaded in turn onto our winder, and the correct winding script is selected and ran. [...]

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Vintage I’s in a real 1959 Les Paul

Deacci Vintage humbucking pickups make it into all sorts of guitars from the cheap and cheerful to one-off luthier builds. Even Gibson's own custom shop Reissues regularly get our pickups as an upgrade, but to our knowledge, this is their first time in a real 1959 Les Paul. Customer email below in its entirety. Hi [...]

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ST I & II Stratocaster Single Coil sets

We proudly add to our product range, two new sets of Stratocaster Single coils. Available in both Alnico V & II , both sets are vintage voiced to produce the sounds and tones associated with the best of the 50s and 60s Stratocasters. These sets are designed to provide a tonal upgrade for your Stratocaster style [...]

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