Deacci meets James Mulvaney

With a huge amount of live performance experience, Irish based guitarist James Mulvaney needs little introduction to many. An early starter on the guitar, James did his first gig with Irish act ‘Slightly Imperfect at age 13.  This band performed nationwide and released two albums of original material on independent labels. He then went on [...]

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Sometimes being single is hard / The birth of the Hofmond

Like everything in guitar, and most things in life, we all stand on someone's shoulders. No one really is inventing anything from scratch. Music, guitar pedals, amps – they all owe their existence to some sort of foundation of the past. Our latest pickup is a little like that – its ancestors are a Hofner [...]

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Driven by madness – inspired by tone

When asked why he decided to set up Deacci, company owner (and chief winder) Declan Larkin’s first response was “Madness … definitely madness!” What’s evident however is that he’s driven by the ongoing mission to have guitar players be inspired by the tone of their guitar. […]

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Adjusting Pickup Height

IMPROVE YOUR GUITAR TONE Time required 10-20 minutes Difficulty Level 1 Did your new guitars come from the factory with perfectly adjusted pickups? This is almost NEVER the case, yet spending 10  to 20 mins adjusting it can have a major impact on your tone. Tools required : Screwdriver , Amplifier , Your  ears. The closer [...]

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Mal OBrien & Teletone Mobster

Developed with and for Dublin based virtuoso Mal OBrien, the name Mobster seemed about right for this set of high output Telecaster Pickups. Roll back the volume on this set and they become almost charming, however  you always know there is something more sinister under the hood. Mal describes these as a “Wolf in [...]

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Ariel Posen – Blackhat I Strat Single Coils

Our day with Ariel Posen covered a lot of ground, we hope you enjoy this latest video of Ariel playing a set of our vintage style Blackhat I strat pickups through a Ryan 100w Blues Reverb In this clip Ariel was using the following pedals and an open E tuning Strymon El Capistan, Mythos Daedalus, [...]

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Ariel Posen – ST56 Strat Single Coils

Ariel is best known as one of a guitar duo that make up Brothers Landreth.  Along with Joey Landreth, David Landreth and Ryan Voth, the band won a Juno award in 2015 for their album Let It Lie. Ariel is currently based in Co Cork, Ireland, so we managed to catch up with him and see if he [...]

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