A massive thanks to Kieran Smith for a brilliant rootsy blues playing with our vintage hot set of strat pickups. Also a very special thanks to Dave Molloy for his recording wizardry, and the most fantastic setting for recording our Blackhats.

Blackhat single coils are for the player who wants more output from their strat in general. With a fatter sounding bridge position than classic old Fender pickups can provide, the Blackhat I set is just a little hotter than Leo Fender would have made them back in the 50s.

Blackhat coils are designed to retain all the sweet bell-like tones in the bridge, the quack in positions 2 & 4 and the hollow woody tones associated with a great strat neck pickup. Blackhat series pickups will provide this in increasing levels of output while still using vintage correct parts

You can also visit Kieran’s YouTube channel here