Mitch Malloy

We’ve never believed in paying for endorsements because we’d rather get the kind of honest, unbiased feedback that lets us know when we’ve got it right (or wrong!), but that doesn’t mean we don’t get a little bit anxious when we send out a set of our pride & joys out to a pro like Mitch Malloy. As the man himself says “I’ve tried so many “great” boutique pickups and sent them straight back…” so we were understandably delighted to hear his assessment of his new set of Deacci pickups. Over to you Mitch…

I just tried the Vintage IIs from Deacci and I was extremely skeptical to start with but these pickups sound better than anything I’ve ever heard. Period. Game over.

They sound so much more musical than anything I’ve heard, and yet at the same time they sound like every great tone you’ve ever loved… I’m seriously putting them in everything. They are that good!

Thanks Mitch, we’re delighted that they’ve lived up to the hype.