Wayne McManmon



The Deacci’s with drive are something to be reckoned with. You hear the improvement in clarity, chime, balance and dynamic, but I genuinely fell in love with the single coils. I’ve just never heard anything like em.

After modding and customising that strat, the pickup I love the most is that single coil. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the humbucker and the P90, its just I’ve never heard or felt a single coil like that before. I thought I didn’t like single coils that much till I played yours, the whole reason I changed my strat has been thrown into doubt because of your single coils… imagine that.. you can quote me on that..

Genre : Alternative, Blues, Folk, Rock

Bands : Atma, Chiefwhiteshadow, She Speaks, APPO, Clubwar

Pickups Played :  ST-56 Strat Single Coil, Fat Juicy Zero P90, Vintage Zero humbucker

Westland recording artist, Wayne McManmon, or ChiefWhiteshadow Whistler as he is also sometimes known, is a guitarist from county Kildare in Ireland. With the most delicate of touches on the strings and a wonderful dynamic range, Waynes playing has taken him from some of his earlier experiments in Metal, Reggae and  Hip hop right through to his first studio album recorded in Westland studios Dublin.
We asked Wayne about the nickname and he told us that Chiefwhiteshadow was the name of his hiphop band where he was a guitar playing rapper and his brother played loops and keys. The Whistler part came after he dislocated his knee and had to wear a leg brace just like whistler in the Blade movie saga

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DEACCI Custom Demo

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