Mitch Malloy


“these pickups sound better than anything I’ve ever heard. Period. Game over. They sound so much more musical, and yet at the same time they sound like every great tone you’ve ever loved… I’m seriously putting them in everything. They are that good!”

Genre : Rock, Pop

Bands : Mitch Malloy, Van Halen, Lightening

Pickups Played :

Vintage II PAF Style Humbuckers,
Blackhat I Strat single coils,
Teletone – Z Telecaster single coils

Singer, Award winning Songwriter and Producer, Mitch Malloy has been making music for fans since he was in his teens. Lightening. He has had a major record deal with RCA/BMG Worldwide, performed on Leno, was tapped to replace Sammy Hagar in Van Halen, toured the globe and is the proud father to his daughter, Eden Grace  .


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Van Halen’s lost Boy


Anything at All