Photography by Dennis McCarthy

Mal O’Brien

Nicest front pickup I have ever heard on  a Tele especially when it’s dirty. It has so much body and beef, really buttery and creamy sound. The Bridge is  big fat and warm sounding great mid range super for country and rock ‘n’ roll it’s kind of the wolf in sheep’s clothing though as it could also take your head clean off your shoulders

Genre : Rock, Jazz, Country, Blues, Pop, Funk, Fusion, R&B, Soul

Bands : Malfunction, Rosindubh, Hedgeschool, The Commitments, Picturehouse, Angus Devine, Dave Browne, Joe Elliot (Def Leopard), Liam Lawton, Paul Young, Brent Mason, MArcus Prouse, Roly Daniels, Dave Morrisey, Pink Champagne, Camembert Quartet (Late Late Show house band), Donal Kirk Band, Ocean Drive

Pickups Played : Teletone Mobster

One of Ireland’s most talented guitarists, Mal started playing guitar at 8 years old. It wasn’t long before he knew this was his future and with influences ranging from Gary Moore, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Alan Holdsworth, Frank Gambale, Vince Gill, Brent Mason and Gerry Reid, Mal also has a tone all of his own.

Gigging from the age of 12, Mal has shared the stage and recorded with many big names, toured the USA, recorded on many albums, toured with “The Commitments from the successful 90’s film and launched a Jazz solo instrumental album of his own

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Teletone Mobster Demo

Guthrie Govan Big foot Jam


Just for the Record


Playing over Changes


Ocean Drive