Johnny Fean


I think the Feanfazes are a little bit more powerful, and have a bit more aggression/push in the midrange (especially the Bridge pickup) and also possibly a bit more top end on both pickups. They still retain the clarity and sweetness when the amp is pushed into overdrive, and they react very nicely to volume changes and don’t get muddy when played clean. At high volume they do go into feedback a bit sooner than the Greenfazes but it’s a nice musical feedback, occasionally they will squeal but it’s controllable.

I am spoiled for choice with both sets of pickups, and I enjoy alternating between the 2 Vintage’s.

Johnny Fean on his custom set of Feanfaze

Genre : Celtic Rock, Blues,

Bands : Johnny Fean Band, Horslips, Zen Alligators

Pickups Played : Vintage, GreenFaze & Custom Feanfaze PAF style humbuckers

Johnny is best known as the guitarist with Irish Celtic rock legends The Horslips. Along with Eamon Carr, Barry Devlin, Jim Lockhart, Charles O’Connor & Ray Fean, the band have played on and off since 1970. The Horslips defined the Celtic rock genre and Johnny’s guitar intro to Dearg Doom which was used for the Republic of Ireland’s World cup song in 1990 became more recognisable than the original.

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The Power & the Glory


Dearag Doom


Johnny Fean, Bernie Marsden & Pat McManus

Horslips & Ulster Orchestra