Ariel Posen

I really am enjoying Deacci pick ups. They are all hand wired exactly how you want, to get that specific sound that you are hearing in your head. I’m a low output pick up guy, and the ST-56 and Fat Juicy Zero pick ups work perfectly for those sounds that I like to get!

Genre : e.g. Blues, Alternative, Roots, Country, R&B, Jazz

Bands : The Bros. Landreth

Pickups Played : ST-56 Strat Single Coils, Fat Juicy Zero P90

At the 10th Canadian Folk Music Awards 2014, The Bros Landreth won the Juno Award for New Emerging Artist of the year. Their album Let it lie was a nominee for Contemporary Album of the year.  Ariel, along with Joey and David Landreth and Ryan Voth, make up the quintet.

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Deacci ST56

Deacci ST56
Whitney – Grafenburg’s Place

The Captain meets Ariel Posen

Bros. Landreth
Runaway Train

That Pedal Show
Slide Guitar with Ariel Posen