Time required 10-20 minutes

Difficulty Level 1

Did your new guitars come from the factory with perfectly adjusted pickups?
This is almost NEVER the case, yet spending 10  to 20 mins adjusting it can have a major impact on your tone.

Tools required : Screwdriver , Amplifier , Your ears.

  • The closer the pickup is to the strings the louder and more aggressive it will be, it will also sound a little brighter. Move the pickup further from the strings and its volume will reduce, it will sound smoother and less aggressive.
  • Turn Clockwise to raise pickup closer to the strings, and anticlockwise to move it further away

Here is the method I use to find the sweet spot.

Step 1 : Adjust the neck pickup first to find the spot where it sounds nicest to your ears and does not catch or interfere with the vibration of the strings.

Step 2 : Adjust the middle and/or bridge pickups so that they match the volume of the neck pickup.

Step 3 : Repeat steps 1 and 2 but this time start at the bridge pickup.

The trick is to balance pickup volumes with what sounds best for your playing style. There are no wrong answers, if it sounds good, it is good, keep adjusting until you find what works. You can adjust height in large or small increments. I like to begin as close to the strings as possible and gradually back away until I find the sweet spot