The DEACCI Story

Our workshop is located at the foot of Slieve Gullion in Co. Armagh.  What originated as a tin roof coal shed now serves as DEACCI HQ.
A Christmas present at the age of 7 was my first introduction to guitars. However, it wasn’t until the age of thirteen that I got my hands on a cheap Strat copy in fire engine red. The horrific sound that met my ears inspired the beginning of a journey that is still ongoing to this day. In fairness to the guitar, these early tonal teething problems were more the result of inappropriate choice of gear, than a failing of the guitar itself.
An acute bout of GAS [Gear Acquisition Syndrome] the well know guitarist’s disease, mixed with a penchant for taking things apart to discover how they worked, kick-started a hobby that became the business we know today. Pickups were not the first thing to be taken apart in the effort to improve tone.  Along the journey, I have built several effects pedals and a clone of a Ken Fisher Trainwreck guitar amp.  However, the focus changed to guitar pickups in 2008.
In 2009 I released a batch of hand-wound Humbuckers.  This was to be the end of my pickup winding career, however people seemed to like them, and we have been improving, developing, and adding to our ranges ever since.  We are still operating from the same workshop, albeit with a proper roof, as there’s just nowhere else where you can play a 100watt amp on full tilt through a 4×12 cab at 2 AM and not annoy anyone.

During 2019, we revamped our logo and business styling but our passion about the quality of our pickups and dedication to our valued customers continues as before.

Why Choose DEACCI?

All our pickups are designed and constructed to Period Correct standards with many of our own components, manufactured in house. Our guitar pickups feature only the finest materials and custom-winding technology to deliver a dynamic, touch-sensitive response alongside a defined, harmonically-rich sound. Our bespoke designed winding machinery enables us to produce pickup coils with consistent quality. We use vintage correct components, or better, where these have a positive impact on tone.  

We also custom wind to your specification, or we can take it a step further and wind pickups that precisely suit your individual needs and that of the gear you use through our Deacci Custom Shop. 

For those players who know precisely what they want, we can just as easily wind one of our proven recipes.

Experience a set of Deacci pickups for yourself, and you will find Extraordinary Tone!

Your tone is our passion! So if you need some reassurance, we back all our guitar pickups with a 90 day no quibble money back guarantee, so you can put them in your guitar for 90 days and if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, send them back for a complete refund, including your original shipping cost.

Give them a try you won’t be disappointed, that’s something we also guarantee!

Declan Larkin  

What our Customers Say

“Just wanted you to know I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. I bought a used guitar that had your Deacci Vintage 2 pickups in it. I had never heard of these pickups here in the USA. Well, they are the most incredible sounding pickups I have ever heard!!!! I will be spreading the word now about your pickups in the USA! I also will be buying more of your pickups in the future to put in my other Les Pauls. Thank you so much for building such incredible pickups!!!”

Jim Severin

Deacci Custom Pickups they’re the business, to be honest. The black matches nicely with the black saddles.

I’m spending more time on the middle pickup and middle + bridge than I usually would – good sign!

The lows and high end on the neck are great – far better than what I had previously.

Colm Currivan

I strongly recommend trying these pups. I got a set for my Tele and buckers for my Epi.

Top class

Robbie Fennel

Hi Declan. I’m delighted with the pickups! Lovely tones all around and great harmonics off the Humbucker

Derek Bullock

Decky, the strat is sounding lovely, a big bouncy honking Strat, just what I wanted

Dale Fusco

Hiya Declan. I’m absolutely blown away by the job you’ve done on my pickup. Much improved over the old one and I would challenge Fender or anyone else to surpass the standard of excellence you have achieved. I’m so very happy with the outcome and most reasonably costed. Thank you so much for your time, patience and skills.

Joe Gillen

Two years ago I received an artist endorsement from my friend Declan Larkin from Ireland. These pick ups were installed on my Garcia Tele Type and in all the years that I have played, nothing has sounded better. Look him up and tell him I sent you. You won’t regret it!!!!

Charles V. Rox Vaccaro

I have several sets of custom pickups that Declan has wound for me and each is unique and tailored to the particular guitar they are in.Every guitar is different and Declan works hard to wind you the best sounding pickups for your particular instrument.His expertise and sonic knowledge about
all things pickups is second to none and his attention to detail and customer service is outstanding.I HIGHLY recommend talking to Declan about your future custom pickup needs,you’ll be glad you did.

Connor Flynn

Excellent sounding electric guitar pickups – custom built to suit your guitar – highly recommended!

Kieran Smith
“…a seasoned professional with over 30 years of playing actually said that your PV One is one of the best humbuckers he has ever heard!”
Sherman, USA
“Holy effin’ crapology they’re bloody good! …even with more drive they still maintain the clarity of every string incredibly well.”
“I’m still enjoying the Pure Vintage One pickups in my Les Paul, they’ve made a whole new guitar of it!”
Colin, UK

“Perfect tone, perfect service, quick reply, great communication and no messing about. I’ve had a completely life-changing experience with Deacci pickups. I custom ordered something which has never been done, several other companies laughed at the idea and even dismissed it as impossible but not Deacci. I’ve never been more excited about a pickup in all my years playing guitar and tone chasing.

Deacci is the best, a mad scientist and a genius plus an absolute gentleman. 11 outta 10.”
Jude Milk

“Declan from Deacci Custom Pickups makes some wonderful sets of pickups for both electric and bass guitars, based locally here in County Down, NI.  Declan has worked closely with us here at Ruach to develop bespoke pickups specific to our needs. If you are a guitar player and seeking to spice up your sound, check Deacci out!”


“Hello Declan. finally got the pups put in my PRS. LOVE THEM! you did a great job. Neck pup is clear and bridge pup matches very well. Bravo. Next time I need a set of pups, I will contact you.  It was an absolute pleasure dealing with you, and a wonderful experience talking on the phone with you. I will recommend in the future to anyone I know interested in buying boutique pups.  Take care and thanks again, Martin in Cleveland”

Martin Gerlack

“Dude, soon as I heard the low E in the Pride and joy riff, I went, holy shit, this has got a bottom end I’ve not heard before, those pickups are unreal, the bridge has amazing adjustment, I have tens on it now, but it plays like nines, the sound is tight, springy and full, its just got more in it than all my other Strats, and you know I got some real good ones, so much so, you don’t want to over distort it, because you know your loosing the vibe, never said that before of a guitar. you will be wanting a burn !!

Pickups are Deacci black hats, simply amazing, we’ve put in some serious switching options on this, and the tones are God-like, never heard a strat so fat, I’m here trying it against Texas specials, lace sensors, and an original US strat, the pride and joy riff OMG, can’t wait for to fire it through the valve amps.”

Keith Watkins
“the Zero’s have a pervasive warmth that is very pleasant and charming… it’s almost like a blanket that wraps around the notes.”
Terry, CA
“What can I say – just brilliant… clarity and sound like liquid glass!”
Neil W.
“I’m very happy with these pickups, they are definitely the best humbuckers I’ve ever laid my hands on”
Steven, UK
“I am REALLY pleased with the first impression these pickups left…I have rarely come across such a complete package in one pickup.”
Ole, Norway

“…the louder I play, the better the pickups sound. They retain a very complex, thick and clear sound even under very high gain settings, and the clean sounds are stellar…”

Steven, USA

Hi Declan,

Well, where to begin. Like an old lady with a new set of false teeth I hemmed and hawed about making the change and in fact planned and set out to do so on several occasions before I finally took the plunge. As you say the Screamin 82 pickups are nice but it turns out your pickups are absolutely sublime. The clarity and articulation that I liked in the 82’s are still there in your pickups without the booming base and tendency to a little  harshness that come with the 82’s. The blend and mix between the pickups is perfect with the bridge pickup having that little extra kick, without sacrificing the sweetness and fullness of tone. To my way of thinking these are the finest pickups I have ever played and I hope that the success and plaudits you richly deserve come your way .  

Greg, USA