The Deacci Story

After years of unwinding, analysing and rewinding by hand countless pickups, we took inspiration from the mathematical sequences that underpin nature, and we created and developed our own machine pickup winding distribution methodology.

That’s a bit of a mouthful, but what it means is that our pickup coils are not wound perfectly. Neither are they scatter wound as they would be if wound by hand. Instead they are custom wound using our interpretation of how mother nature might have done it herself. The mathematical sequence is known to the Western world as the Fibonacci sequence, named after the 13th century mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci. An acknowledgement to Leo’s genius is present in the name and logo of our company. If you want to know more about Fibonacci this link will open an article in a new window that explains some more.

We took this sequence and incorporated it into software that generates scripts that control how a bobbin is wound. The detail of how it all works gets very detailed, but to give you an example, a modern precision wound pickup can be wound with 3 lines of script or machine instructions. A typical Stratocaster bobbin wound using our method requires 400 lines of machine instructions.

The result of all this meddling with nature is a range of pickups that deliver the very best of what the old vintage pickups had to offer , but with a consistency that’s hard to achieve any other way. Our ultimate aim is that You our customer will always get the best set we wound that day, every day without having to pay a small ransom to get it.

The feedback we have been receiving from you is confirming what we are hearing when we play them.

Give them a try you won’t be disappointed, that’s something we also guarantee!

– D. Larkin 2016.