Our Custom Shop

We wind to a desired specification and output, or you tell us the tone that suits your individual needs and we will custom wind pickups to suit you precisely.  After years of discovering custom tones, we still relish the challenge of achieving the utmost potential out of your guitar.

We can best attain your dream tone by working with you and your guitar in person however, there are still options if you can’t make a visit.  The  Custom Shop experience begins with an online form.

DEACCI Custom Shop

DEACCI Workshop

We are opened 10am to 5pm Mon to Fri (late nite Thurs)

Contact Us on 07799 417775

Email info@deacci.com

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We also love to hear from all those people who have already purchased a set of DEACCI’s. Your vote of confidence and service enhancing suggestions go a long way in helping us grow our business.